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I am a postgraduate from Nottingham Trent University specialised in knitwear design. Skilled in a wide range of knitwear machinery and CAD. Interested in exploring innovative knitwear design in womenswear and textile finishings, exploring fully-fashioned design, combining knitwear techniques to enhance products, designing conceptually on the body from a cultural and socially influenced perspective. With a keen interest in fashion forecasting and fashion knitwear trends. I am constantly inspired by the human form and see new ways in which we can educate our finishings and produce new function in the luxury of knitwear.

Graduated from Amsterdam Fashion Institute, AMFI, with a BA in Fashion Design, I have learned how to analyse trends, form concepts, extend development of visuals, create illustrations, which leads to the design and production of collections I have had the opportunity to complete an internship with Woolmark prize-winner Christian Wijnants in Antwerp, Belgium (2013).


Experienced in sketching, designing and developing knitted clothing. Technical skills on CAD Powerknit machinery systems such as Stoll and Shima, knitting on Dubied machines, Domestic machine knitting, linking, hand knitting and crochet. Also experienced in Adobe Software such as Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator.


My background is an unsual one mixing Scottish and Dutch roots. With experience travelling abroad and living in the Middle East, I can say I have been influenced by many cultures and seen many different scenes of society.


Having established my own company, Katy Grieve Creative, I am seeking roles relating to knitwear design, trend forecasting and creative design in the fashion industry. I travel frequently between the UK and Europe, based in the Netherlands. Looking for freelance projects and work. Feel free to email me with potential job opportunities at

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